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    71 houses, apartments... for sale in the zwinregio


        Renovated corner house

        € 390.000 - K.K.

        Ref. 5886396

        • New price


          New semi-detached house

          € 332.000 - V.O.N.

          Ref. 5885378

          • romantic retranchement


          Caracteristic detached house

          € 649.000 - K.K.

          Ref. 5853377

          • New price


          Characteristic detached house

          € 295.000 - K.K.

          Ref. 5853315


              Modern and rural living

              € 849.000 - K.K.

              Ref. 5836738


                Beautiful villa with wagon house

                € 1.695.000 - K.K.

                Ref. 5828087

                • New price


                  End house with garage

                  € 199.000 - K.K.

                  Ref. 5806495


                      Complete renovation (in realisation)

                      € 415.000 - K.K.

                      Ref. 5795593


                          Domain nearby Metz and Luxembourg

                          € 1.595.000 - K.K.

                          Ref. 5760102


                              Uniquely located farmhouse

                              € 695.000 - K.K.

                              Ref. 5750400


                                Privately located villa

                                € 935.000 - K.K.

                                Ref. 5744974


                                    New semi-detached houses

                                    € 314.000

                                    Ref. 5737148


                                      Luxury apartment with sea view

                                      € 845.000 - K.K.

                                      Ref. 5727967

                                      "ZwinRegio en KnoQue bieden u de Zwin Zwin situatie ...”

                                      ZwinRegio and KnoQue together have the licenses, the connections and the experience to mediate on both sides of the border optimally for you... to take advantage of opportunities. So also from the Netherlands to Belgium and from Belgium to the Netherlands. This knowledge and expertise in this area, in other words in both countries, is unique in the border region. The estate agents speak the language, know the local mores, fiscal and legal aspects and the routes to successful mediation.

                                      As well as the nature reserve the Zwin is not forced or restricted by the border... Fortunately, the Zwin area that shares Belgium and the Netherlands is so special that 'happiness' can be found in both countries. When do you use this Zwin-Zwin situation?

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                                      Discover our offer in the Zwin area

                                      A wide range of properties is available from ZwinRegio Vastgoed Makelaars. Buying or selling? In both the private and business markets we are happy to be of service from our office at the Beestenmarkt in Sluis. Within the Purchases offer you can find corner houses, farmhouses, dike houses, detached houses, garage boxes and apartments. Does the offer not yet fully fit your search specifications? For example, because you are looking for a large plot, an estate or a luxury home on the coast with pool? Then turn to our help to make your search succeed. Request a noncommittal search.