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"KnoQue and ZwinRegio offer you the Zwin Zwin situation ..."

ZwinRegio and KnoQue together have the licenses, the connections and the experience to mediate on both sides of the border optimally for you... to take advantage of opportunities. So also from the Netherlands to Belgium and from Belgium to the Netherlands. This knowledge and expertise in this area, in other words in both countries, is unique in the border region. The estate agents speak the language, know the local mores, fiscal and legal aspects and the routes to successful mediation.

As well as the nature reserve the Zwin is not forced or restricted by the border... Fortunately, the Zwin area that shares Belgium and the Netherlands is so special that 'happiness' can be found in both countries. When do you use this Zwin-Zwin situation?

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Are you interested in new-build projects or a new-build home? A semi-detached house, apartment with sea view or a building plot where you can realise your own new detached house? Or would you like to buy a holiday home as a weekend home or investment? We are happy to offer you an extensive range of new construction projects. Located in the Belgian forests on the French border, in the luxury villa park of Sluis or in the popular Cadzand Bad.