A tale of nature, horses and chance

Some properties and buyers seem destined for each other. Such was the case with a beautiful farmstead in Knokke-Heist and with Geert De Brauwer.

Some properties and buyers seem destined for each other. That was also the case with a beautiful farmstead in Knokke-Heist and with Geert De Brauwer. When we got the property in our portfolio, we saw it as an ideal home for horses. And as it turned out, Geert is an avid horse lover and breeder. His mission: to promote the driving sport among young people. The farm on the Greveningedijk became the perfect base for this.

A lifelong passion for horses
Ever since his childhood, horses have been a special part of Geert's life. As a young boy, his dad gave Geert a Welsh pony and cart to learn to ride as a seven-year-old. As he grew up, he developed a taste for driving and at the age of 40, Geert decided to devote himself entirely to it. He started breeding Lipizzan horses for driving. After a long search, he found the right stallion and mares in Croatia and Hungary. In Geert's breeding, you will only find Lipizzan horses with character. Well-bred animals with 'poer' and the right 'spirit'.

Prize-winner in driving

Geert is not only passionate about horses, he is also passionate about driving. In 1998, he made his debut in the competition and immediately won first place (CAN Brugge). Not much later, Geert joined the Belgian team where a bright future awaited him. The team won a bronze medal at the World Championships in Keskemet (Hungary) in 2004, followed by gold at CHIO (Aachen) and silver at the World Championships in Aachen (Germany) in 2006. In addition, Geert cherishes fond memories of Coupe Iberique (Spain & Portugal) and CHIO Aachen where he took several podium finishes. His participation in indoor competitions such as Christmas Jumping Mechelen and in the Low Countries also yielded several medals.

Focus on tradition matches and training

Currently, Geert focuses on tradition races. During these events, he uses antique stagecoaches and hunting breaks. Geert himself mentors his Lipizzaners with a carriage from the 1800s, but he also enjoys taking them on pleasure rides. Geert wants to set up a training centre for young drivers at the farm. He wants to make them enthusiastic about driving. There are currently three talented girls in training who ride stallions from the breeding farm. It is Geert's ambition to train even more youngsters in driving and to this end, he had been looking for a suitable location in the Knokse region for about four years.

As if by chance...

Funnily enough, it was not during the property search that Geert came across the farm on the Greveningedijk. It was a road diversion that happened to lead him to the farmstead. He saw the 'for sale' sign and called us immediately. A fine example of love at first sight in real estate!

Farmstead in the beautiful polders

We too are very pleased that Geert's path happened to cross this farmstead. Besides the fact that it is a suitable place to house horses, Geert's love of nature forms the perfect match with the surroundings. Indeed, the vast nature surrounding the farmstead is the first thing that catches the eye. Wildlife and all kinds of birds are at home here and the canal provides an idyllic accent. The perfect setting for Geert's horses and carriages! Not only is nature rich here, the history of this region is too. During the Eighty Years' War, the nearby Cantelmolinie was a defence work. The historical dyke is currently being restored. We wish Geert every success with his plans in this special part of Knokke-Heist!